Questions & Answers

Why haven't you launched the US version of Mountain Dew?

We couldn't just launch US Dew in the UK for two reasons...

  1. In the EU there are different regulations on what can and can't go into our products. As such, we have had to tweak the formula slightly to comply with those regulations.
  2. The US Dew uses HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) to sweeten the product, but in the UK we use just normal, plain and simple sugar. The two taste slightly different which very subtly impacts taste.

Rest assured our Dew loving friends, we literally locked our technicians (guys in white lab coats with thick rimmed glasses) away for weeks and until they had replicated the US Dew — this is the output of their combined mega brains!

So, why can I buy US Dew over the internet and in cyber candy etc.?

Some retailers will have a license to import US products and can therefore sell US Dew. Other products will be illegally imported. As we manufacture Dew in the UK we have to comply with EU regulations — we're good like that.

Why can't Dew buy it everywhere?

That's a question for the shops! It is up to them as to whether or not they choose to stock Dew, if it were down to us we'd have it everywhere!

We do our best to persuade them (but short of getting Derren Brown in to do the deal) they own the stores and therefore what goes in them. The great thing is because you guys have got behind the brand, more and more retailers are agreeing to stock us, meaning you can buy us in more places — so keep it up… together we will conquer!

Where can I find Sugar Free Dew?

Sugar Free Dew has dropped and you can grab a bottle from all the usual wholesalers, forecourts and supermarkets. Pretty much anywhere you get Mountain Dew. If your local store doesn’t stock it, make sure to ask them why not!

What different packs do you now have and where are they?

If you like to vary your MDDS (Mountain Dew Delivery System — sweet name eh?) then we've got a pack for every occasion...

  • 500ml — Available in most supermarkets, petrol stations, High St store etc, but you might need to ask your local corner shop to stock it
  • 1L — Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Tesco and now Asda
  • 6x 400ml Multipack — Sainsbury's, Tesco and now Asda
  • 440ml Can — Some corner stores
  • Sugar Free in 440ml Can — Some corner stores
When are you bringing out new flavours?

We really want to focus on getting as many people as possible to try the neon bottle and lots of shops to stock it. Once we are satisfied that the original flavour is selling like hot cakes, we will look to extend the range. Don't worry though we'll be asking you for your views so you'll have a say on which flavours we launch! In the meantime, good things come to those that wait...

I want sponsorship - can you help me?

We want to sponsor everyone, but if we did, we would be giving away more Dew than we sell! If you think you have something big and we mean REALLY big and you want our help (did we mention it needs to be really BIG?) then please send a note to explaining what you're doing and why Dew needs to be there. And then we'll think about it... maybe... if it's big.